‘The trio’s enthusiasm was infectious and the audience was soon in thrall to their evident enjoyment of the occasion.
The school presentation was very effective and much appreciated by students and staff alike – we already know of one child
who is keen to learn the oboe as a result of seeing the school event and later coming to the concert ’

Tony Windsor, Bledington Music Festival

‘An interesting mix of familiar and unfamiliar music, and a very professional and polished performance
which was tremendously enjoyable to a wide range of people.’

Bronwen Taylor, Marden House Concerts

‘Thank you for giving us such a memorable concert. It was a brilliant performance. I was very pleased that you attracted such a
large audience – to get so many people was excellent and a reflection on the audience’s expectations, which you met in spades.’

David Ford, Yatton Music Society

‘There were many highlights this season but I specifically remember the polished performance of the Marylebone Trio.’
Elza Lusher, Egham & District Music Club

‘An absolutely delightful concert, greatly enjoyed by all. Thank you so much!’
Cecilia McDowell (composer), Blenheim Concerts

‘This was a delightful concert. The trio was formed in 2003 and since then their careers seem to have gone from
strength to strength with performances throughout the world. It was easy to see/hear why!’

Donald Hollins (Gloucestershire Gazette), Music at Westonbirt

‘The musicians produced interesting and attractive programmes, played with great skill, and communicated well with the audience.’
Richard Phillips, Leamington Music

‘The trio has a wonderful sound that blends extremely well in their stylish performances.’
Lucy Griffiths, Warwick Arts Centre

‘The trio have a great rapport with one another and come across as a well-balanced musical team.’
Richard Peat, Deal Festival

‘Thank you for entertaining our members so beautifully, with great musicianship and good humour.’

Brian Champness, The Old School Classical Club